Remote Access Portal (RAP)

The Remote Access Portal (RAP) is what London Borough of Newham staff use to access the council's systems when working from home or other remote locations from any internet connected computer.

RAP has changed

The way you use RAP has changed. If you work from home and do not use a laptop or PC issued by the council, you must use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to be able to work remotely.

Enrol for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

You will have received an email explaining the change and how to enrol for 2FA. You can also find information in the ICT section of the Newham Council intranet. To enrol you must be connected internally to the council network on a council PC or laptop.

Using 2FA

If you have successfully enrolled for 2FA, you can use the new version of the Remote Access Portal.

If you wish to change your PIN or request a new TokenCode visit the Blackshield self-service site. Our guide to the Blackshield self-service site (PDF) will help you to get started.

Schools USO user, suppliers and external partners

If you are a schools USO user, a supplier or an external partner with an LBN account, you must continue to use the old version of the Remote Access Portal to connect to the Newham Council intranet.

We will contact suppliers and external partners to tell them when it is time to enrol for 2FA and use the new version of RAP.


How to work successfully from home

Before you begin you will need to:

Step by step guide 

  1. Select the correct RAP setup instructions for your computer:

    RAP - Windows 7 and 8 instructions (PDF)
    RAP - Windows 10 instructions (PDF)
    RAP - Vista instructions (PDF)
    RAP - MAC instructions (PDF)

  2. If you have an issue installing RAP onto your personal computer please look at our useful guides and FAQs:

  3. If you continue to have issues after following step 2, note down the point of installation where set up failed, and any error message that appeared.

  4. Use the RAP eform (or eform for MAC machines) to log a call for further assistance with the ICT Support Centre. These calls will be resolved within 12 working hours in line with the SLA.

  5. Access the Remote Access Portal

  6. Enter your Blackshield PIN and TokenCode (as a single number). If you wish to change your PIN or request a new TokenCode visit the Blackshield self-service site. For user information, read our guide to the Blackshield self-service site (PDF).

The ICT Support Centre may ask you to click on the cog wheel icon to install remote control software.

Secure working

RAP has been designed to meet the stringent standards of the central government GCSx Code of Connection.
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