Actor fined for disturbing neighbours

22 August 2014 in Community safety and Environment
An actor and rapper who starred in a top TV drama about guns, drugs and gangs has been found guilty of causing a nuisance to his neighbours for more than a year-and-a-half.
Shone Romulus, 26, who appeared in Channel 4 programme Top Boy, was tried in his absence at Thames Magistrates’ Court for causing a noise nuisance to his neighbours in Dersingham Avenue, Manor Park.

Newham Council took court action against him after being first alerted to his inappropriate behaviour in July 2012 by neighbours whose children were unable to sleep due to the blaring music coming from his property.

In February 2013 the council’s anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance team visited and after witnessing loud noise coming from his property, issued Romulus with a noise abatement notice. The notice ordered Romulus to stop playing loud music and if he failed to do so, he could be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100 or potential legal proceedings.

In October 2013 Newham Council’s officers were again called to the property and found that extremely loud music was being played at 9.30pm, which was causing the walls of neighbouring properties to vibrate, distressing a family and preventing a three-year-old and an 18-month-old child from sleeping.

When approached by the council’s ASB and noise nuisance team, the actor who recently described himself as “polite” on a YouTube channel interview, slammed the door in the officer’s face and refused to turn down his music.

He was issued with a fixed penalty notice, but when he failed to pay up, the council began legal proceedings and Romulus was summoned to appear before magistrates in March this year. He pleaded not guilty and a trial date was set for 14 August.

On that date Romulus failed to attend court and was tried in his absence. The affected neighbours gave evidence to the magistrates who found the 26-year-old guilty. He was fined £600 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £60 as well as £1,262.94 in court costs.

Earlier this year on 24 April Romulus, who was a council tenant, was evicted from the property due to accumulating £2,794.63 in rent arrears.

Councillor Ian Corbett, Mayoral Advisor for Environment and Leisure, said: “We have a strong community that gets on well together, however there is a small minority of people who blight the lives of others. Where we are made aware of nuisance, we will do all that we can to stamp it out.

“Our enforcement team worked tirelessly to support the victims in this case who repeatedly faced noise and disruption to their daily lives due to this man’s inconsiderate behaviour and we are grateful that they attended court and gave evidence to magistrates last week.

“Romulus has now faced the justice system and this should be a lesson to others who think that they can get away with flouting the law.”