New Games legacy - 348 Social rented homes for Newham in the Athletes Village

24 January 2012 in 2012 Games and legacy and Housing and Regeneration
A pioneering initiative which forms part of the Olympic legacy will make 348 social rented homes from the Athletes Villages available to Newham Council.
Triathlon Homes, the owner of 1,379 affordable homes at East Village, the new identity for the Athletes Village, has announced the Lettings Strategy for the 675 social rented homes at the new 2,818 home development.

The social housing allocation plans were officially announced by Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and Triathlon Homes, the joint venture between developer First Base, and housing associations East Thames Group and Southern Housing Group.

The strategy allows Newham Council to nominate for more than half of the social rented homes. This is the largest amount ever delivered to the borough from one development. These allocations will include all social rented four bedroom homes in the village and the majority of the three bedroom houses.

In addition to the nominations made by Newham Council, Triathlon Homes will allocate approximately 150 homes, which it will use to assist in meeting housing need. The Greater London Authority will use its allocation of nearly 70 homes to facilitate moves throughout London for social housing tenants.

Many of the homes will be pre-allocated to potential residents shortly after the Olympics are finished, and up to a year in advance of moving in. This is at least six months earlier than usual and is an innovative element to the programme.

The Lettings Strategy will ensure the housing legacy is fulfilled and the new community is a success from day one. It is aligned with Newham’s proposals to open up social rented housing to those in employment, increasing access to high quality affordable housing for those on lower incomes.

For prospective residents who are not employed, the early allocation process will help them get into work, by way of skills audits, training and access programmes, helping ensure at least 50% of new tenants will be employed at first let. In addition, the Lettings Strategy will identify eligible members of the armed forces that can apply for housing in the East Village.

Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, said: “Our pioneering approach to housing and community policy will reward those that make a contribution to society. We will recognise the efforts of those in work and reward those that have served their country by giving them priority for housing.

“This new development will ensure Newham residents benefit from the provision of high quality social affordable housing and East Village will help to leave a lasting legacy after the Games of a strong and more resilient community."

Geoff Pearce, Executive Director of Triathlon Homes said: “It’s very common for homes for sale to be sold off plan, but for social rented homes it’s unheard of to do this. We want to make sure there is a mixed community at the Village – some families, couples, retirees – and we want to make their move to the Village as smooth as possible which is why we’re pre-allocating the homes.

“It means that many people will know by the end of the year whether they have been successful in getting a home and have a moving in date for when they’ll become an East Village resident which is really exciting.”

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, said: “All eyes will be on the Village before, during and after the Games. It will be a fantastic place to live with an array of facilities on its doorstep. The Lettings Strategy will allow people from all over London – not just Newham – to take advantage of the new homes and new employment opportunities in the area.”

The further 704 homes owned by Triathlon will be available as a mix of intermediate market rented and shared equity homes, to provide a range of options to help Londoners get onto the property ladder.

The remaining 1,439 homes at East Village are owned by Qatari Diar Delancey, and will be available for rent on the open market.