Committee to consider London City Airport development plans

28 January 2015 in Business and Council and democracy and Regeneration

Newham Council’s Strategic Development Committee will be considering the development proposals for London City Airport, including a hotel, on Tuesday 3 February, 2015. During the meeting at the Old Town Hall, Stratford, the committee will decide to either: grant permission, defer or reject the applications.

Officers have recommended that the development is approved, subject to a number of additional and strengthened conditions to limit the impact on residents:

  • Limiting the number of permitted actual flights from 120,000 a year currently to 111,000.
  • A limit of 6.5million passengers passing through the airport a year, with quarterly reports submitted to the council.
  • A limit of no more than 45 “movements” of planes an hour. This includes the condition previously set that between 6.30am and 6.59am Monday to Saturday there will only be six “movements” allowed and only two of these can take place between 6.30am and 6.45am.
  • The noisiest night time construction piling work can only take place during 32 weekends, minimising the disruption to residents during the working week.
  • And a noise barrier will be constructed on the south side of the site during the construction period.

As well as these controls, the proposed section 106 agreement calls for the airport to make a commitment of £6.8million towards employment, education and training in the borough, with £4.9million being channelled directly to Newham residents using the council’s job brokerage scheme Workplace.

A package of soundproofing for residents affected during construction has also been set. This includes a commitment from the airport to pay 100 per cent of the costs of soundproofing measures for residents most impacted by the noise of the airport, which will be reviewed every five years.

Other benefits for the community will be funding to bolster transport services including a bus turnaround at the new Custom House Crossrail station and opening Hartmann Road to all transport types.

The commitment to continuously monitor air quality and to publish the data on a website will continue, as well as regular meetings of the Airport Consultative Committee for residents and councillors.

As with all applications of this significance, if the Committee grants planning permission, the decision will be referred to the Mayor of London for his consideration.