Committing to respect and dignity in social care

24 December 2014 in Council and democracy and Health
Newham Council has signed up to the Social Care Commitment pledging to provide high quality services to users and make sure staff are well trained.
Picture features residents Christine Dolyak and Angus McKenzie-Davie, with Grainne Siggins (centre) Director of Adults Services
The council’s Adult Social Care service has signed up to this voluntary agreement which sees staff promise to work responsibly and maintain their clients dignity and puts emphasis on employers to develop staff skills and supervise appropriately.

The council signed up to the commitment last week during a pledging event where staff made promises to make a difference to the lives of residents and hung them on a Christmas tree. At the same event, managers committed to supporting care workers in their duties.

Residents Christine Dolyak and Angus McKenzie-Davie chose the most inspiring pledge and the most creative decoration. The most inspirational pledge was made by Nigel Pluckrose, team manager, who said: "One for all and all for one, the customer is number one" and occupational therapist Katie Treers won the most creative decoration with her knitted star.

Councillor Clive Furness, mayoral advisor for adults and health, said: “We are committed to making a positive difference to our clients’ lives and supporting those who need help in a dignified and respectful way. By signing up to the Social Care Commitment we are reaffirming our pledge to provide quality services to our residents.”

The event also raised £150 for the Joseph’s Hospice through donations.