Demolition work to start on the Hartley Centre

16 December 2016 in Regeneration
From Tuesday 3 January council contractors will begin the process of demolishing the Hartley Centre building which has been empty since the Renewal Programme relinquished its lease last year. 
The process is expected to be completed by the end of February.

When the building came back to the council it was found not to be of a condition that council would have been able to lease it out again. Unfortunately it was not viable for the council to undertake the necessary repairs.

Since the building became vacant last year it has cost the council thousands of pounds in security and dealing with squatters. As empty buildings are also a magnet for anti social behaviour it was agreed in May that the safest and most economical approach was demolition.

The council is in the process of developing proposals for the site meeting the needs of residents and the local area.