Fly-tippers trapped

19 March 2018 in Community safety and Environment
Two Newham fly-tippers have been handed substantial fines after being found guilty of dumping waste on the borough’s streets.​
Chris Allen, 65, of Stoke Road, East Ham was found guilty of dumping over 100 bags of builders waste, which he was paid to dispose of, in Whitings Way, East Ham in February this year.

Officers from the Newham Fly-tip Task Force (FTTF) discovered the rubbish, which included tarmac, soil, clay and building material while on patrol on 13 February. Amongst the waste, officers discovered letters which led to an address in Hampstead North London, where a contractor confirmed the waste had been collected by Allen.

Investigators were then able to identify the vehicle used by Allen which led to his home address in Stoke Road. Fly-tip Task Force officers visited Allen at home on 19 February. He was arrested and interviewed under caution, where he initially sought to blame an employee for the illegal dump. However after being brought into police custody he admitted running a waste disposal company without a licence.

On 15 March Allen appeared before Thames Magistrates where he was ordered to pay £4,520 in fines and costs, Newham Council also seized his “caged” Ford Transit van which will either be auctioned or crushed.

At the same court on the same day, Constantin Cristian Spataru appeared to plead guilty to dumping domestic waste and large quantity of wood in Folkestone Road, East Ham on October 9 last year.

Spataru, 33 of Harcourt Road, Stratford admitted fly-tipping after officers investigating the illegal dump searched CCTV images from cameras in the area. Spataru’s VW Caddy Van was captured dumping the waste on 9 October last year.

Thames Magistrates ordered him to pay £1,840 in fines and costs.

Councillor Forhad Hussain, cabinet member for crime and anti-social behaviour said: “This is a great result for the fly-tip taskforce team, and for the people of Newham. Using the best technology available to us and the best investigative techniques, we have brought these men to book for dumping waste on our streets, for profit or to avoid the costs of disposing of waste properly. These convictions send out a clear message if you dump on the streets of Newham we will pursue you, and catch you, and the courts will hit you where it hurts, in the pocket.”