Get on your bike!

17 August 2017 in Community safety and Environment
Newham Council Fly-Tip Task Force officers are keen to give this couple a rude wake up call, after spotting them dumping a bed and base in East Ham.
CCTV photo of fly-tipper
​The fly-tippers used a bike to transport the double bed and base to Dukes Road before dumping it on the street.

Officers want to speak to anyone who saw the couple wheeling the bed on the bike on Sunday August 13 at around 8.50pm.

CCTV image of fly-tippers

Councillor Forhad Hussain, cabinet member for crime and anti-social behaviour  said: “Dumping rubbish on the streets of Newham is totally unacceptable, particularly bulky items like beds and fridges. Who do these people think will clear up their mess? 

“Ultimately it’s the honest hard working council tax payer picking up the tab. If you know who these lazy couple are, help us send them a wake up call.” 

If you have any information that could led to the identity of these two fly-tippers please call the Fly-Tip Task Force on 0203 373 4479 quoting reference number 
17 / 26127 / ABWRFY.

CCTV image of fly-tipper