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Manchester attacks: Statement from the Mayor

25 May 2017 in Community safety and Council and democracy
Here in Newham we show every day how people from all backgrounds can come together as one community. We can all be proud that we live in the most diverse place in the country where 90% of people say we get on well together.
There will always be those who seek to divide us or who want to test our resolve and our togetherness. That is why we stand united with the people of Manchester in the wake of Monday evening’s tragic events. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives and with those who are injured.

We have joined others around the country in flying our Union flag at the Old Town Hall in Stratford at half-mast in solidarity with the community in Manchester. We also salute the bravery of the city’s emergency services in the way they dealt with the attack.

Here the Metropolitan Police have increased the level of officers on our streets and we can expect to see more on duty. There may be armed officers at key sites, major transport stations, and areas of high footfall. You may also see military personnel in key areas, but please remember they are all there to offer protection and reassurance.

The important message is to stay calm and be vigilant. Our emergency services prepare day in, day out for these situations. If however you suspect suspicious activity or are aware of hate crime or increased tensions in your community, report this via the Metropolitan Police’s 101 number or dial 999 if there is fear of immediate danger. You can also contact the Counter Terrorism Policing number on 0800 789 321.

Today at 11am we will hold a minute’s silence in all of our council buildings. In doing so, we offer our sincere condolences to the people of Manchester and to those affected by Monday’s incident. It must only strengthen our resolve to stand up against all those who seek to sow hatred and division. Our strong message is that extremists of any kind will never win.