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Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales announces his new political leadership for a council fit for the future

23 February 2017 in Council and democracy and Mayor
The Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, has today (Thursday 23 February) unveiled his new look team of cabinet and advisors to ensure the council continues driving forward its vision of delivering the best possible services for its residents.
Newham Council, like other councils across the country, is facing a funding crisis fuelled by ongoing savage cuts in its Government funding.

Despite this challenge, Newham Council is investing in the services residents rely on and have said matter most to them, protected frontline services, while planning to freeze its share of the Council Tax for the ninth successive year.

Newham Council is committed to delivering the best for its residents, and under the new executive and advisor structure will have a renewed focus on:
  • delivering efficiencies to support making the savings which will protect front line services while maintaining a lower council tax
  • driving services through small business which are owned by the council and its staff alongside  community neighbourhoods
  • investing in areas that support our social objectives and that deliver additional revenues.
The new arrangements realign the council’s political responsibilities into four broad areas:
  • Community Neighbourhoods will expand and, wherever appropriate, run services at a more local level. A team of Delivery Lead Councillors will be established to oversee these services, reporting  to Councillor Ken Clark as Mayoral Advisors. Councillor Ken Clark will also be appointed as statutory Deputy Mayor – meaning he will officially deputise for the Mayor when required
  • Four Community Lead Councillors will oversee the council’s work across the council’s eight community neighbourhood teams.
  • A team of Resources Lead Councillors will be introduced, reporting to Councillor Lester Hudson. The primary role of this team will be to drive efficiencies and investments to ensure  the council has the funds to continue  on its ambitious programme of service delivery and expansion. Councillor Lester Hudson will also act as a Deputy Mayor, but not in a statutory capacity.
  • There will also be a number of other Cabinet and Mayoral Advisor posts, with responsibility for relationships with schools, health partners, police, businesses and developers.
Sir Robin Wales said: “Supporting residents to develop resilience remains our strategic approach. None of us were elected to manage decline but rather to support all our residents to prosper and succeed. Our approach and decisions are driven by our values of fairness, localism, reciprocity, solidarity and trust.

“Our borough has moved from second most deprived local authority in the country in 2012 to 25th. Together we  have achieved much for our residents but we fully understand  that there is much more to do. The challenge ahead of us is great and to ensure  we continue meeting it head on, I have reviewed and changed the team around me to support and deliver the council’s  commitment and vision.”

The Mayor’s Cabinet and Mayoral Advisors will now comprise of:

Mayor and Lead Member for Business and Growth: Sir Robin Wales
  • Deputy Mayor (Statutory) - Strategic Delivery and Cabinet Member for Community Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Planning and Public Affairs: Cllr Ken Clark
  • Deputy Mayor - Resources and Cabinet Member for Finance: Cllr Lester Hudson
  • Cabinet Member for Strategic Policy: Cllr David Christie
  • Cabinet Member for Financial Inclusion and Health Promotion: Cllr Frances Clarke 
  • Cabinet Member for Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, Sports and Leisure, and Deputy Cabinet Member for Community Neighbourhoods: Cllr Forhad Hussain
  • Cabinet Member for Children and Young People: Cllr Quintin Peppiatt
  • Cabinet Member for Work & Skills and Domestic Violence: Cllr Lakmini Shah
  • Cabinet Member for Transformation and the Small Business Programme (and Equalities): Cllr Rachel Tripp 
  • Mayoral Advisor - Adults & Health – Cllr Clive Furness

Delivery Lead Councillors

  • Mayoral Advisor - Neighbourhoods Support – Cllr Ayesha Chowdhury 
  • Mayoral Advisor - Neighbourhoods Support - Cllr Ann Easter
  • Mayoral Advisor - Environment – Cllr Pat Murphy
  • Mayoral Advisor - Housing - Cllr Terry Paul 

Resources Lead Councillors

  • Mayoral Advisor - Place Commissioning – Cllr Andrew Baikie 
  • Mayoral Advisor - Commercial Property – Cllr Ian Corbett
  • Mayoral Advisor - People Commissioning – Cllr Richard Crawford
  • Mayoral Advisor - New Media and Finance – Cllr Tahmina Rahman

Community Lead Councillors

  • Mayoral Advisor – Community Neighbourhoods Lead Councillor (and Adult Care) – Cllr Hanif Abdulmuhit 
  • Mayoral Advisor – Community Neighbourhoods Lead Councillor (and Mental Health) – Cllr Idris Ibrahim 
  • Mayoral Advisor – Community Neighbourhoods Lead Councillor (and Regeneration) – Cllr Mas Patel 
  • Mayoral Advisor – Community Neighbourhoods Lead Councillor (and Children & Early Years) – Cllr Salim Patel 


  • Chair of Council and Civic Lead – Cllr Joy Laguda