Moving forward with Keeping Newham Moving

29 August 2016 in Community safety and Environment
Lights are being replaced, paving stones re-laid and roads resurfaced as Newham Council moves forward with its plans to Keep Newham Moving.
In February, the Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales and councillors passed Newham Council’s 2016/17 budget, launching a New Deal for the borough’s residents. This included a plan to Keep Newham Moving by investing £100million over the next decade on the borough’s roads, footpaths and streetlights, to ensure that pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can enjoy travelling around the borough comfortably.

This commitment has been made after almost a quarter of residents who responded to Newham Council’s budget consultation last year said that investing in infrastructure like, community buildings, streets and parks, would be their number one priority.

Progress is already being made. Since March 2016 residents have already benefited from:
  • 2,065 metres of pavements being re-laid
  • 1,035 metres of roads being resurfaced
  • 2,000 streetlights being replaced with long-lasting energy-efficient LED lights
  • And 850 new street light columns being installed.
Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, said: “We are already making quick headway with our plans to make life more pleasant for residents moving around the borough. Better, brighter lighting alongside smoother roads and pavements all make a big difference to residents, whether they are a mother pushing a pram, or a cyclist or driver making their way to work.

“Our £100million investment is one of the biggest road maintenance commitments made in east London. As long as I am mayor, we will keep listening to our residents and making their priorities ours.”

By the end of 2017/18 the borough’s 19,000 street lights will be using LED lighting, 9,600 lighting columns will have been replaced and by 2025/26 almost 200km of roads will be resurfaced.

Ian Corbett, Mayoral Advisor for Environment and Leisure, added: “Over the next decade at least half of the borough’s roads and pavements will be resurfaced. While we will also replace every single street light with long-lasting, brighter, and more energy-efficient lighting, helping to protect the environment and the council’s coffers.”

As part of the plans to Keep Newham Moving the council is also going to introduce more residential parking zones across the borough, establish more car club bays and upgrading the technology used for the enforcement of yellow box junctions.

Residents can find out more about Keep Newham Moving and also suggest roads and pavements the would like to see resurfaced on the council’s website. Visit for more information.