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New community toilet scheme proposed to help council spend pennies wisely

27 February 2017 in Environment
A new approach to providing public toilets across the borough, by encouraging local pubs, cafes and shops to allow members of the public to use their facilities, is being proposed by Newham Council.
The council is launching a four week consultation from Monday 27 February on the introduction of a borough wide Community Toilet Scheme. Residents and businesses are encouraged to make their views known on the scheme which it is hoped will provide up to 40 facilities across the borough.

The council currently operates 11 public toilets across the borough, six of which are located in public parks and are not affected by the proposals.

The other five are located in the north east of the borough, are in need of costly modernisation, and are coming to the end of their leases. They currently cost over £155,000 a year to supply and maintain, and have become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Under the councils proposals these five toilets would close, but not until alternative facilities were made available through the Community Toilet Scheme.

The scheme aims to encourage businesses of all sizes, including pubs, cafes and shops to allow members of the public to use their loos, in return for a council grant towards their upkeep.

Any premises taking part would clearly display it’s membership of the scheme, and agree to keep facilities clean, and well stocked. The council in turn would regularly inspect the facilities and ensure that there are adequate disabled and baby-change facilities in each area.

Similar schemes are successfully operating in other London boroughs including Waltham Forest and Richmond. The Richmond scheme has proved so popular it’s been over-subscribed by businesses wishing to sign up.

Mayoral Adviser for the Environment,  Councillor Pat Murphy, said: “It is no secret that due to the on going savage cuts to our funding from the Government we have to ensure that we spend every penny wisely and effectively.

“This scheme will not only help us achieve this but will also provide residents and visitors with a larger number of cleaner, safer and more accessible toilets in more convenient locations.

“We think this is a smart solution to a problem that we know causes many of our residents concern and I would encourage as many people as possible to make their views known in the consultation.”

To take part in the consultation please visit our webpage at