Newham Mayor launches top new enterprise academy to help young people reach for the sky

26 July 2013 in Mayor and Young people
Newham must be a centre for enterprise and skills where residents - especially young people - create their own jobs and reach their potential.
Mayor Sir Robin Wales at Newham College in East Ham at the launch of their Peter Jones Enterprise Academy
This was the message from Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales when he was invited to Newham College, in East Ham, to launch their Peter Jones Enterprise Academy.
Peter, who stars in BBC's Dragons' Den, is helping the college give its budding entrepreneurs some hands-on experience in starting their own business, supported by local employers.
The Mayor said: "We know through our employment service Workplace that you need to engage with employers to understand the world of work. I encourage all businesses to support the Academy.  Young people at the college will benefit from their guidance and experience to really learn what it takes to turn a profit."​