Newham pupils are best in class at age 11

16 January 2017 in Education and Mayor and Young people

​Mayor Sir Robin Wales has congratulated Newham’s 11-year-olds who are making the best progress in the country in terms of writing and are in the top ten nationally across a range of Government indicators that measure their performance during primary school.

This year the Government introduced a new national standard at Key Stage 2 that all pupils should achieve in reading, writing and maths combined; in the three subjects individually; and in grammar, punctuation and spelling combined. This meant that the tests taken by pupils at the end of primary school were more demanding than before.

The progress made by pupils in individual subjects was also measured, with a positive progress score meaning that, on average, Newham’s pupils made more progress than those with similar prior attainment nationally. Newham performed better than the national average in the three subjects.

For writing, Newham’s overall progress score was +3.2, which was the highest in England. For mathematics, Newham’s overall progress score was +2.9, which was the second highest in England and in London. In reading, the progress score was +1.6, which was the tenth highest in England and ninth in London.

The statistics also show that 62 per cent  of the borough’s pupils are achieving the expected standard at Key Stage 2 in reading, writing and mathematics combined. That is three percentage points above the London score and nine above the England score. The score ranked Newham tenth nationally out of 152 local authorities on this measure. Some 58 per cent  of boys achieved the expected standard (15th place nationally) and 66 per cent of girls (ninth place nationally).

In writing alone, 84 per cent  of Newham pupils achieved the expected standard, ten points  better than the rest of England and five better than London. It ranked the borough third nationally and also in London.

In grammar, punctuation and spelling, 82 per cent  of Newham pupils achieved the expected standard, three points above London and nine above England, ranking the borough fifth nationally and fourth in London in this measure.

In mathematics, 80 per cent  of Newham pupils achieved the expected standard. That was ten points better than the rest of the country and three better than London. Newham is ranked sixth nationally and fifth in London on this score.

In reading, 69 per cent of Newham pupils achieved the expected standard, the same score as the rest of London and three points better than the rest of England. It ranked the borough 45th nationally and 20th in London out of 33 authorities.

Mayor Sir Robin Wales said: “The Key Stage 2 figures demonstrate how well our primary schools are doing in delivering improvements in education. I congratulate all the head teachers, staff and pupils for the hard work put into these new style tests, which arere more rigorous than previously. We will continue to work with all schools to ensure improvements continue to be made in all areas.”

Councillor Quintin Peppiatt, Cabinet member for children and young people, said: “These results are very good news. Key Stage 2 tests are the building blocks of a child’s education and Newham is in the top ten nationally in 13 of the 17 official Government measures at this stage, including first in the country for progress at writing.

“We are committed to providing our young people with a quality education that offers them the best start in life. We are also doing very well in GCSE and A-Level results. Teachers, parents and pupils should be hugely proud of what is being achieved.”