Newham residents get keys to Carpenters Estate homes

24 October 2014 in Housing
This week, six homeless people have been given the keys to properties on the Carpenters Estate, Stratford.
The council is committed to repopulating up to 40 properties in low-rise blocks on the estate as quickly as possible, including the illegally occupied block of flats in Doran Walk.

Gas and general safety checks and essential repairs are being carried out on the homes before inviting people from our housing waiting list to take up these properties for a short period, ahead of the redevelopment of the whole of the 23-acre Carpenters Estate.

We have had previous successes in temporarily housing people in empty properties in the Canning Town and Custom House area, which is also undergoing regeneration. So far 271 properties, of mostly three and four bedrooms, have been brought back in to use for a temporary period to alleviate the housing pressure. There are around 14,000 households currently on our housing waiting list.

We had previously tried to bring empty properties on the Carpenters Estate back into use, replicating our scheme in Canning Town and Custom House. We were prevented from doing so by the Carpenters Tenant Management Organisation who blocked our proposals by legal means.