Newham top in London for primary school offers

16 April 2014 in Education and Young people
Figures released today show that Newham Council topped the table of all 33 London boroughs for having the highest percentage of first place offers for primary school pupils.
Newham Council received 4696 applications by the closing date of 15 January 2014. Of these applications, 1955 (41.63%) were 'on line' applications and 2741 (58.37%) were paper applications.
The figures show that Newham Council offered 90.76 per cent of pupils their first choice primary school. This is ten percentage points above the London average of 80.74 per cent.
In addition, Newham offered 97.89 of pupils a place at one of their top three primaries compared to 92 per cent of London pupils. This is was more than five percentage points above the London average.
On top of this, the figures also show that 99 per cent of Newham pupils have places at one of their six preferred primary schools which is higher than the London average of 95 per cent.
The figures are up from the previous year, which saw 89.21 per cent of Newham’s pupils offered places at their first preference school.
A council spokesperson said: “Newham Council received almost 5,000 applications for primary school places. Through the hard work of parents, schools and the council, we’ve been able to ensure that more of the borough’s children can attend the school of their choice.
 “We’ve also invested in a pupil expansion programme to expand overly subscribed schools and create new schools. This has enabled us to continue to provide an excellent learning environment with high quality teaching, meet the growing demand for school places, and ensure every Newham child has place in one of our outstanding primary schools.”

Figures issued by London Councils as part of their Pan London data

Breakdown of offers/allocations.

1st Preference - 90.76% (4262 pupils)
2nd Preference - 5.81% (273 pupils)
3rd Preference - 1.32% (62 pupils)
4th Preference - 0.47% (22 pupils)
5th Preference - 0.17% (8 pupils)
6th Preference - 0.13% (6 pupils)
Only 1.34% (63 pupils) could not be offered a place at any of their preferred schools and these were allocated alternative places at the closest school to their home which still had places available. The majority of these children were given a place at school that half  a mile or less from their home.