Newham's Young Mayor represents UK at international youth event in Berlin

29 April 2013 in Young Mayor and Young people
The Young Mayor of Newham, Rebekah Dike, has spoken to hundreds of young people from across Europe as part of an international event exploring youth participation.
Rebekah, who is 15 and a Year 10 student at Little Ilford School in Manor Park, took part in the opening seminar of the Multilateral Cooperation Project in Berlin (24 and 25 April).

The seminar, titled Participation of Young People in democratic Europe, was hosted by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, which is a ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Young people from the UK, Lithuania, Poland, Israel and Germany took part in the seminar, which looked at a number of issues in youth participation. They included how to define youth participation, young people in the changing society and strengthening youth participation in different target groups.

Rebekah spoke on the challenges and definitions of youth participation in the UK. She said: "I was honoured to take part in such an important project. Newham has one of the youngest populations in England with nearly 40 per cent of residents aged under 25. This makes it even more vital that young people are not overlooked.

"It is not enough just to have a Young Mayor and Youth Council on its own. What is important is that young people feel involved, included and know that their vote and their opinions will be listened to and taken into account. That fact so many young people came to vote on our election day - more than in any other young election in England - is something I am really proud of. It showed that our voice matters and we can help improve and change the world around us."