Off-licence boss left nursing huge hangover after breaching tough conditions

24 April 2013 in Business and Community safety
An off-licence that had its licence revoked last December (2012) has lost its appeal - and been clobbered with court costs of £4540.
Address Food and Wine, Romford Road, Manor Park, had its licence revoked by Newham Council's licensing sub-committee. It was discovered selling booze thrice within eight months in breach of licence conditions. These were to sell all beer, lager and cider in quanties of four cans or more.

The licence holder, Servet Kati, 40, of High Street, Enfield, failed to turn up both to the licensing hearing and Thames Magistrates' Court yesterday (23 April). They were heard in his absence.

Cllr Ian Corbett, chair of Newham Council's licensing sub-committee, said: "If off-licences think they can just flout our tough conditions, they can think again. This sends a clear, strong message of to other outlets."