Pupils enjoying all the fun of the fayre

11 April 2014 in Education and Events and Mayor and Young people
Mayor Sir Robin Wales showed he was a dab hand at weaving candy floss sticks when he visited the end of spring term fayre at Portway Primary School.
Pupils enjoying all the fun of the fayre
Staff and pupils at the school in Plaistow had been working for weeks with the Parent Teacher Association to prepare the fun extravaganza, which took place in the Key Stage 2 playground.

The fayre brought the entire school and the wider community together to improve community cohesion. There was food from all over the world, a choir, football and games and various stalls selling art and craft items made by pupils that were sold to raise money for the school.

Sir Robin, who attended the event with West Ham ward member Freda Bourne, said: “It was a really popular event and everybody had put an awful lot of hard work into arranging it. We all had a great time and it was brilliant to see the pupils having fun.”