Remember to recycle this Christmas

23 December 2015 in Environment
Newham Council is reminding residents to think twice and recycle over the Christmas period.
It is really easy to throw rubbish in to a large black bin liner during the holiday season, but with all the packaging, cards and boxes discarded on December 25 and from the January sales, it just takes a little bit of effort to be green.

Newham Council’s recycling service accepts discarded wrapping paper, envelopes, cards, magazines, plastic bottles and egg boxes, as well as clean food tins and cans. These can all be disposed of in your orange-lid wheelie bin or orange bag and will be collected in your fortnightly recycling collection.

However, our service cannot recycle plastic food packaging like meat trays, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs so these should be thrown in to your green general waste wheelie bin to avoid contaminating the recycling collection.

Glass containers and bottles are also recycled, but they are filtered out of the general waste as it is processed at the East London Waste Authority’s plant.  If you have a lot of glass jars and bottles they can also be taken to one of the 111 on-street recycling banks available across the borough.

Real Christmas trees are collected for free by the council if you book a garden waste collection using your My Newham account - just make sure you remove lights and decorations first.

And if you decide to have a bit of a clear out during the holiday period remember that the Jenkins Lane Recycle and Reuse Centre accepts old electrical appliances, unwanted clothing, as well as packaging and glass.

Councillor Ian Corbett, mayoral advisor for environment and leisure, said: “At this time of year residents often have a lot more rubbish to get rid of and it’s easy to just throw it in any old bin, but you can usually get more into your wheelie bins and bags if you recycle, it just takes a small bit of extra effort.

“Overflowing bins result in mess-strewn streets. Nobody wants to wade through discarded wrapping, food packaging or boxes from the January sales. It is ugly, a hazard and encourages vermin looking for food.

“Make sure that you dispose of your rubbish responsibly, break up large packaging so you can get more into your recycling bin, and don’t ruin your efforts by putting in dirty cans or meat trays. Check out the dates for your waste collections on our website and if you’ve got too much rubbish make sure you use one of our free recycling banks or visit the Jenkins Lane Reuse and Recycle Centre.”

For more information about recycling, waste collections over the Christmas period and the opening times of Jenkins Lane Recycle and Reuse Centre visit