Residents urged to take on dry January challenge

23 December 2014 in Health
Newham Council is supporting a challenge to residents to stop drinking for 31 days and sign up for the Dry January 2015 campaign.
Adopting healthier lifestyles, saving money and losing weight are just three of the benefits that people can experience if they participate in the initiative that is being promoted by Alcohol Concern.

The council is encouraging residents to join up to give their health a boost. Alcohol can affect health in a number of ways, including causing accidents and injuries, liver disease, cancer, stroke, memory loss and sexual difficulties.

Dry January, created by Alcohol Concern, is a chance for people to take stock of how much they drink. In January 2014, 17,000 people across the country and hundreds in Newham took up the challenge with around half successfully completing 31 days without any alcohol.

Councillor Clive Furness, mayoral advisor for adults and health, said: “With the Christmas and New Year party season in full swing, there’s lots of food and drink to enjoy. Many of us will over-indulge so January is a great time to give your body a break and to reap the benefits of a month without alcohol. Not only will Dry January help improve your health; you will also save money, lose weight and feel better.”

Newham Council supports Dry January and is encouraging residents to give it a go, stop drinking for the calendar month or for 31 consecutive days, and see how much healthier they feel as a result.

If you are concerned about the levels of alcohol you are consuming, please contact the Newham Drug and Alcohol service CRI on 0800 652 3879. To sign up for Dry January visit