Statement regarding protest in Stratford this morning

19 January 2015 in Council and democracy and Housing
A Newham Council spokesperson said: "On Friday, a family of five were evicted by their private landlord. They then presented to the council as homeless. The council made a reasonable and immediate offer of emergency accommodation in North London which took into account the mother's employment. This was the closest available to Newham at that point. The family refused on the basis it was too far from the local area. The offer of North London emergency accommodation was made again to the mother this morning and she has accepted. This family is not the only one in need of our assistance. Every day, we help dozens of families facing similar situations who are homeless and in need of suitable and affordable accommodation. Therefore we have a very limited supply of accommodation we can offer to those who need help.

"The protestors who have attached themselves to this family have misinformed the media and others about this and other cases. Their protest and desire to occupy our housing office, where many of the borough's most vulnerable residents had appointments, regrettably led to closure of the building and cancellation of appointments."