Students in Newham celebrating record A Levels results

17 August 2015 in Education and Mayor and Young people
A record number of students in Newham received top marks this year for their A level results.
More than 900 young people sat A Level exams in the borough this summer, and results released show that the overall pass rate in Newham increased by 0.7 per cent  to 98.7 percent  - higher than the national pass rate of 98.1 per cent.

Newham’s high flyers achieved 47 per cent A*-B grades this year – up from  43 per cent last year, with more than 22 per cent of students achieving A*- A grades across the borough.

Some of the highlights from Newham’s schools and colleges are:
  • Students at St Angela’s Ursuline School Sixth Form achieved 77 per cent  A*-C grades
  • Brampton Academy Sixth Form students achieved 61 per cent  A*- A grades
  • Students at London Academy of Excellence achieved 71 per cent  A*- B grades
  • NewVIc students achieved 66 per cent  A*- C grades
  • Chobham Academy students achieved 55 per cent  A*- B grades
  • Students at St Bonaventure’s Catholic School Sixth Form achieved 73 per cent  A*- B grades.

Year 12 students are also celebrating their AS results, with phenomenal results.  Almost 1,100 students sat AS level exams, and for the first time ever Newham students beat the England average at A-B grades; A-C grades and the overall pass rate at A-E grades.

Highlights of AS achievement this year are:

  • Students at Brampton Manor Academy,  London Academy of Excellence and Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre have all achieved record pass rates for all grades.
  • London Academy of Excellence students achieved 66 per cent A-B grades and 84 per cent  A-C grades
  • Students at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre achieved 65 per cent A-B grades and 85 per cent  A-C grades.

A Level students at Brampton Manor Academy, London Academy of Excellence and Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (NCS) are now achieving higher grades than students at some of the leading state schools in the country.

Sir Robin Wales Mayor of Newham, said: “Our young people should be really proud of the fantastic results they have achieved this year. They are a credit to themselves and to the borough. On behalf of Newham Council I would like to congratulate them all on their success.

"These results are a testament to the great further education offer that we have in the borough, which will give our young people opportunities for a bright future, whether they choose to continue their studies at university or start their career by seeking an apprenticeship or employment.

"I hope that this positive news will continue next week as our secondary students collect their GCSE results, and that these fantastic A level results give the younger students the confidence to carry on with their studies and reap the rewards of hard work."