Success for police officers funded by council

11 April 2014 in Community safety
The Metropolitan Police officers funded and jointly tasked by Newham Council to help tackle anti-social behaviour, closed 18 crack houses and 43 brothels in the past 12 months.
The 44 officers who form the enforcement partnership and problem solving team based at the council’s Newham Dockside headquarters in the Royal Docks, made 1,230 arrests over the period.

Funded by Newham Council through a scheme that provides police resources on a cost sharing and matched funding basis, the officers worked alongside council enforcement officers on 357 operations tackling specific anti-social behaviour issues including gangs, street sex workers, alcohol related incidents, irresponsible dog ownership and fly-tipping.

During the 12-month period they issued 347 fixed penalty notices (FPN) and 210 penalty notices for disorder (PND) to discourage anti-social behaviour. They also obtained 11 injunctions against gangs, seized 30 dangerous dogs, issued 94 cautions to prostitutes and seized 135 vehicles under Operation Reclaim, the Metropolitan Police’s campaign against uninsured drivers.

Councillor Unmesh Desai, executive member for crime and anti-social behaviour, said: “Some excellent work is being done between the council and police and other community partners to target crime and disorder and address local concerns about anti-social behaviour.

“Residents have told us that crime and anti-social behaviour are a top priority. We want our borough to be safe and our joint team tackles the full breadth of issues, from the anti-social to the outright criminal.”

Inspector Phil Stinger, who heads the partnership team, said: “Our work with the council not only helps to prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, it also helps to build further confidence in the police. We will continue our partnership work with Newham Council to ensure our streets remain safe.”