Summer clamp-down on dangerous cosmetics

30 May 2013 in Community safety
Dangerous cosmetics - including henna ink which can scar for life - are being targeted in a summer clamp-down by Newham Trading Standards.​
Henna ink seized by Newham Trading Standards
Officers are redoubling their efforts in the Green Street area shortly after they seized 6,700 of the cosmetics from one shop alone there.
They are targeting black Henna which they believe is being illegally imported from abroad. It is particularly popular among Indian and Pakistan communities and often used for weddings and religious celebrations. It is dangerous because it contains high levels of benzene and lead.
The move comes after a teenager from Cambridge was scarred for life when using buying black henna from a Newham store. She said: "It was just getting more and more intense burning to the point the pattern had raised and started to blister. My hand went red and I was in a lot of pain."
Cllr Unmesh Desai, Newham Council's Executive Member for Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, said: "Parents and young people must be very vigilant for this henna. Newham is taking the lead in London by cracking down hard as we believe it is circulating across the capital. Anyone who comes across it should contact their local council's trading standards office immediately."
Go through Consumer Direct on 01622 626520/ 01622 626523 and ask for Newham Trading Standards.​