Super strength booze targeted in new crackdown

24 April 2013 in Business and Community safety
A huge crackdown is being carried out by Newham Council on off-licenses that sell super-strength lager.
Since February this year, nine applications by off-licences for new stores or to increase hours on existing stores have been considered by Newham Council's licensing sub-committee.

Five of those have only been granted with tough conditions and four have been thrown out altogether.

Cllr Ian Corbett, chair of Newham Council's licensing sub-committee, said: "Many councils are now copying Newham and getting tough with super-strength booze. But we have been the forerunner. We actually led the country in targeting it and we have been clamping down hard on it ever since.

"Super strength booze is associated with crime and anti-social behaviour here and we simply will not accept that. Shopkeepers need to understand: if you sell this alcohol and infringe on our tough conditions we will enforce against you vigorously and robustly. We will never accept crime and anti-social behaviour here.

"You sell super strength booze - you lose."

Typical conditions imposed on shopkeepers include:

1. No single cans will be sold
2. All beers, lagers, stouts and ciders sold at the premises should not exceed 5.5% alcohol volume. Clear signs will be prominently displayed above the counter and on the fridges
3. Spirits will not to be sold in bottles less than 375ml