Tough new crackdown on 'kitchen knife and knuckle duster assaults' pub

26 July 2013 in Community safety
Robust conditions have been imposed on a pub which has been plagued with assaults - one involving an eight-inch kitchen knife, another a flying knuckle duster.​
The Central Hotel in East Ham

Newham councillors ruled, at a licensing sub-committee meeting on Thursday (July 25th), that tough new measures should apply to The Central Hotel, 150 Barking Road, East Ham. They include:

  • registered security staff on the doors 
  • random searches of customers
  • proof of age scheme operated on the premises
  • drug free, zero tolerance posters 
  • a written record of staff who can sell alcohol
  • staff to receive training to help identify underage drinkers.

Newham Council's Cllr Ian Corbett, chair of the committee, said: "Central needs to get its act together very fast. These tough measures are designed to ensure it does just that.

“Let this be a warning to other licensed premises who step out of line.

“We will never shirk from taking the tough action necessary to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.”

A police statement to the committee stated that since the start of this year ‘four crimes have been reported which have been of a serious nature, three of which were assaults committed at the venue and the other being an aggravated burglary. Some of these offences had weapons involved'.

In May this year, police were called to the venue following reports of a fight. The victim and the suspect’s father had been involved in a row. They had gone outside to trade blows. Having resolved it, they bought each other a drink. The suspect’s son then came in and pressed a knife against the victim’s throat.

Other drinkers and bar staff in the pub said they did not see anything.

A month earlier, police had also been called to the pub. A bouncer had been head butted after asking a man to stop smoking inside. But the bouncer was not willing to make a statement.

The same month, (April), a woman had to flee to a back room after a man threatened her with an eight-inch kitchen knife. The man then tried to open the till before his brother disarmed him, the report said. A suspect was later arrested.

Earlier this year (January), a man walking just yards from the pub was bloodied in the face by a flying knuckle duster in an apparently random attack.

The venue had received several warning letters for various breaches of licensing conditions, the report stated.