Volunteers trying out for Rugby World Cup 2015

26 June 2014 in Sport and leisure
Volunteers keen to play their part when Rugby World Cup 2015 comes to Newham are being put through their paces at a special ‘Try Out’ selection event to recruit members of ‘The Pack’.
Cllr Corbett, Alex Pearmain, and Mark Pawsey,  from left in 3D scrum. David Pearman (bottom right)
‘The Pack’ is the collective name for the 6,000 volunteers needed for the 13 Tournament venues around the country, including the Olympic Stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where Newham Council and the London Legacy Development Corporation, through the E20 Stadium Partnership, have agreed that five matches can be played.

Newham is an official Host City of Rugby World Cup 2015 and the Try Out sessions are being staged on behalf of each host city venue to find suitable candidates who will undertake a number of roles, with the majority involved in spectator services or transport.

Some 20,000 people applied to be part of 'The Pack' and 10,000 are being invited to attend the Try Outs being held across the country. Around 100 people are attending each day at the Newham events being held at Leyton Score Centre until 5 July.

Budding recruits were welcomed on the first day by Councillor Ian Corbett, Newham’s Mayoral Adviser for Environment and Leisure; Alex Pearmain from East London Rugby Club who is Newham’s Young Rugby Ambassador; and Mark Pawsey, MP for the Rugby constituency and England Rugby 2015’s Parliamentary ambassador.

The selection process involved a 20-minute interview as part of a total hour-long experience that included a tour of an exhibition dedicated to the history of Rugby, a motivational video, posing with a 3D scrum, and a real-life changing room for volunteers to try kit for size, complete with vintage rugby sweaters and an authentic ‘scent’ created from heat spray.

Councillor Corbett said: “Newham was proud to host the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and we are excited to be a Host City of Rugby World Cup 2015. The Games Maker volunteers were a massive part in the success of the 2012 Games and ‘The Pack’ will play an important part in welcoming the world’s top Rugby teams and their fans.”

Volunteer David Pearman, who until recently lived in Stratford who whose family are still Newham residents, said: “I was a Games Maker at the Olympic Park in 2012 and loved the experience, but Rugby is my game and I hope I can be part of the camaraderie between fans and volunteers in 2015.”

Some 75% of 'The Pack' will come from the Rugby community who help run the game week in, week out. The rest will come from the general public. People who have been successful will be notified in early 2015.