Changes to public toilet provision: consultation

​The Council are proposing changes to improve the quality and location of toilets across the borough. We are proposing:
  • To introduce a Community Toilet Scheme 
  • To close five existing public toilets as they come to the end of their contract

​We want to hear your views about the proposed changes, and understand how they might affect you. We will use your feedback to inform our approach, and to ensure there are enough publically accessible toilets across the borough.

Why are we proposing changes?

With five current toilets coming to the end of their contracts, we have an opportunity to change how we provide public toilets.
The current toilets are getting older, are only available in one part of Newham, and do not provide value for money. We think that a Community Toilet Scheme would be a better way to provide more publically accessible toilets across the borough, while making a saving to help us protect other services.
A community toilet scheme would involve local businesses, like shops, cafes, pubs, and some public buildings, making their toilets available to the public without the need to buy anything. The Council will provide members of the scheme with a grant to help with the cost of keeping their toilets clean and stocked.
There are already successful Community Toilet Schemes in a number of other Boroughs, including Waltham Forest, Camden, and Richmond.

Responding to the consultation

The consultation was open for 4 weeks, from Monday 27 February to Sunday 26 March.

If you have any questions or would like to request a paper copy of the questionnaire, please email:

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