Council Tax Reduction Scheme consultation

We are proposing changes to our Council Tax Reduction Scheme and we want to hear what you think of the proposals and if you have any alternative suggestions. 

​What is the Council Tax Reduction Scheme?

This consultation has endedWe offer a reduction in Council Tax to residents who might struggle to pay the full amount.

We do this by agreeing a local Council Tax Reduction Scheme for working-age residents.

If we want to make any changes to how we calculate Council Tax Reduction, there must be a consultation with residents.

Why are we proposing to change the scheme?

In 2013 we agreed that our Council Tax Reduction Scheme would be based on how the Government calculate tax credits and other benefits.

The Government is planning to make changes to their calculations from April 2017, and we are proposing to mirror these changes in our Council Tax Reduction Scheme.
We are proposing this because the Government’s changes will increase the cost of the council’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme. This is because if the Government cuts tax credits or benefits, this will reduce residents’ overall income: because their income is now lower, they are entitled to a greater reduction in their Council Tax.
The Government is reducing spending on benefits and we do not think it is fair for Newham residents to pay for this. At a time when the Government continues to reduce our budget, we need to focus our limited money on services that do the most to help people living in Newham.
Any changes would only affect working-age residents. The amount of Council Tax Reduction that pensioners are entitled to is decided by the Government.
Before a decision is made, we want to hear what you think of the proposals and if you have any alternative suggestions.
Full details of the proposal are outlined in the consultation questionnaire.

How to take part

If you have any questions or would like to request a paper copy of the questionnaire, please email

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