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Data on local air quality

We use two stations to collect and analyse air pollution. And we have over 20 sites to check the levels of nitrogen dioxide, a major pollutant.

​Where we take air-quality samples from

​Site ​Address ​Classification
​1 ​LIFT – Temple Mill Lane, E15 ​Roadside (U2)
​2 ​Fire Station, 115 Romford Rd, Stratford ​Roadside (U2)
​3 ​Salisbury Primary School, 576–590 Romford Rd ​Roadside (U2)
​4 ​Town Hall Annexe, Barking Rd E15 ​Roadside (U2)
​5 ​West Ham Town Hall, Romford Rd E15 ​Background (U4)
​6 ​East London Cemetery, 230B Grange Rd, Plaistow ​Background (U4)
​7 ​Newham General Hospital, Glen Rd, Plaistow ​Background (U4)
​8 ​Mortuary, High St South E6 ​Roadside (U2)
​9 ​Save Petrol Station, 99 Barking Rd E16 ​Intermediate
​10 ​Mayflower School, Tant Avenue E16 ​Background (U4)
​11 ​City Airport, Car Park Entrance ​Special (Sp)
​12 ​Pumping Station, Galleons Roundabout ​Roadside (U2)
​13 ​290–292 Green Street, E15 ​Roadside (U2)
​14 ​The Queens Pub, Green Street, E7 ​Roadside (U2)
​15 ​207 Leytonstone Road, E15 ​Roadside (U2)
​16 ​107 Leytonstone Road, E15 ​Roadside (U2)
​17 ​44 Browning Road, E12 ​Roadside (U2)
​18 ​216 Browning Road, E12 ​Roadside (U2)
​19 ​Beckton Arms, Hermitt Road, E16 ​Roadside (U2)
​20 ​Canning Town Roundabout, E15 ​Roadside (U2)
​21 ​Cam Road Monitoring Station, E15 ​Roadside (U2)
​22 ​Wren Close Monitoring Station, E16 ​Background (U4)


For information on the bands of classification in the table above, that is:
  • Roadside U2
  • Background U4
  • Special SP
  • Intermediate

Data on local air quality

You can read all the results of our checks on air quality in Newham here.

Automatic monitoring stations

Our two automatic stations check the air quality all year round. They check for monitor sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, ozone, fine particles and carbon monoxide.

Find out more, using :
You can also download historic data on air quality from the Air Quality England website:

Manually operated sites

Newham has 21 sites which check nitrogen dioxide. You can read monthly data here:

Checks on dust

Newham has five sites which record the amount and type of dust in the air. And we also use a hand-held device for spot checks on the amount of dust. If you want this information, email us:

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