Dog Management Public Spaces Protection Order

Newham Council is considering making a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to enforce dog management restrictions and requirements within the borough. This is to address antisocial issues and problems relating to dogs and to encourage responsible dog ownership.
The proposed PSPO will replace the existing Dog Control Orders (DCOs). The PSPO will allow authorised officers to enforce against anyone breaching the conditions of the PSPO – Dog Management Order. This includes dog fouling, dogs off their leads in designated places and dog exclusion zones, such as children play areas. A breach of the Order will result in an Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £100.
The PSPO – Dog Management will be in effect for three years upon date of enactment. It will apply to borough-wide public spaces for some Order conditions and to specific areas for others, as set out in the Notice.
We would like to invite you to take part in a consultation to gauge your views on dog related antisocial behaviour and nuisance within the borough and the proposed PSPO.
The online consultation survey is now closed
Newham Council is committed to tackling dog related antisocial behaviour and irresponsible dog ownership. The Council considers that bringing in the PSPO-Dog Management, which will replace the existing DCOs, will continue to make the borough a safer place for residents, visitors and businesses.
The formal consultation ran from 10 October 2017 till 6 November 2017.

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