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Every child matters

Our Every Child programme supports educational attainment, activity and achievement.

​Free school meals

We provide free school meals for every child in a Newham primary school. This is worth at least £566 per child before tax.
Find out more about free school meals.

Newham's Every Child a Musician  

Newham's Every Child a Musician (ECaM) is the largest and most successful musical programme in the country, with 10,000 Newham children benefiting.  
Every child in year five at a Newham school receives a free instrument and free tuition for three years.
Research has shown that playing a musical instrument can boost a child’s ability to learn other things. It can help to improve literacy, creativity and general intellectual development. Learning an instrument can help to develop a child’s:
  • self confidence as they learn new skills and make progress
  • concentration skills which could help them in learning other subjects
  • self-motivation and take pride in their musical achievement

Visit our Music tuition page to find out more.


Join Newham's Every Child a Musician

Each school has a selection of three instruments for children to choose from.
Lessons take place at school once a week during term time.
Lessons include learning to play the instrument, how to read music and the history and use of the instrument. Children will be allowed to bring their instrument home to practise.
Each child is provided with a motivational booklet which their tutor will update with their progress.

Newham's Every Child a Sportsperson

You can choose from more than 20 different sports in the Newham's Every Child a Sportsperson scheme.
We help every year seven student in a Newham secondary school to find a sport they enjoy through our free activity programme - Newham's Every Child a Sportsperson.
We are working with the University of East London to give our children the choice of more than 20 different sports, from trampolining to rugby, helping them to identify their sporting talents.


Coaches and tutors

We also support local people to be coaches and dance tutors by offering small grants to get classes up and running. 

Newham Reading Guarantee

To reach their full potential, every child must be able to read. Our £1.5m Newham Reading Guarantee will help primary school children from five to seven years old to improve their reading.
We support the teaching of phonics and pay for extra one-to-one support for those children who need it.
We have recruited volunteers to help children to practise their reading and understand new words.

Measurable improvements

The Newham Reading Guarantee is the biggest reading scheme of its kind in the country and it continues to produce excellent results.

In 2013, Staffordshire University ran a research project to look at the impact of one-to-one support through the Newham Reading Guarantee.

The results show that the one-to-one element has been a success. The programme has helped pupils who fell behind in Year 1 to make double the expected progress.

Read the Newham Reading Guarantee programme evaluation round one (PDF) and Newham Reading Guarantee programme evaluation round two (PDF) to find out more about how the programme has been supporting pupils who were behind their peers.

Newham's Every Child a Theatre Goer

Every primary and secondary school child in Newham has the chance to go to the theatre free of charge.
The programme is organised through Stratford Circus, Theatre Royal Stratford East and London theatre partners.
It introduces children to the magic of theatre and help to develop their learning in literacy, literature, creativity, issue based learning and citizenship. 

Newham's Every Child a Chess Player

The project aims to give every child in Newham state primary schools in years 2 to 5 the opportunity to learn how to play chess which helps them develop their skills outside of traditional learning.

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