Licensing – having your say

If a premises applies for a licence or a club premises certificate and you are affected, you can make a 'representation' about the application. You can also do this if someone applies to change a licence or certificate.

What is a representation?

A representation is a written view or question. It can be for or against an application.

When you can make a representation about a licensing application

You can make a representation if it relates to one of the four licensing aims:
  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm.
For more information about the aims of licensing law, go to the Home Office website.
We must receive your representation within the deadline stated in the poster outside the premises.

How to make a representation about a licensing application

Write to us at:
Licensing Team
First floor, Town Hall Annexe
330–354 Barking Road
East Ham
E6 2RT


Or you can email us at

When you write, give:
  • your name and address (including signature and date)
  • the name and address of the premises you want to object to
  • the licensing aim(s) that you think will or will not be met if we grant the application and the problems you think will happen if we grant the licence 
  • the reason(s) for your view and any evidence to support it
  • your daytime telephone number (if possible) so that we can discuss the matter with you if we need to.
We must receive your representation by the date given in the notices of application, which you can find on and around the premises. If we receive your representation later than this we cannot consider it. Note that we will normally give the person making the application a copy of all the representations we receive. 
Once we receive your representation, we will check that it is legally acceptable. If it isn’t, we will tell you why.
We will call a hearing of the Licensing Sub-committee to decide the application. We will tell all the people involved when the hearing will be. We will invite all those who made representations to the application to come to the hearing and tell the Sub-committee about their views.
If you come to the hearing, the councillors on the Sub-committee may ask you questions. They will assess the information presented to them at the hearing. Based on this information, they will make a decision on whether to grant the application and, if so, whether to attach conditions.

Contesting a decision to grant a licensing application

If you disagree with our decision and you made a representation on the application earlier on in the process, you can appeal in writing to:
Thames Magistrates’ Court
58 Bow Road
E3 4DJ

Court costs

Unlike a council hearing, magistrates can make you pay the legal costs of the court hearing if you are unsuccessful. The person making the licence application can also appeal to the magistrates' court if we refuse the application or add conditions. If this happens and you objected to the application, you may also need to go to the new hearing at the magistrates' court.

Problems at a licensed premises

If there are problems with crime and disorder, report them to the Police.
You can send complaints about noise or nuisance to the Anti-social Behaviour and Nuisance (Noise) Service: 020 8430 2000. Our officers can visit and investigate complaints up until 4am, seven days a week.
Contact us about any other complaints about licensed premises or premises you believe need a licence.
For more information about licensing and the law, contact our Licensing Team on 020 8430 2000 or email, or go to the following pages of the Home Office website:
If a licensed premises causes you severe problems, you may ask us to review the premises licence or club premises certificate.
You must make the application on the basis of one or more of the four licensing aims above.

We will then hold a hearing, and the licence could be taken away or the hours of the licence could be reduced.

Look at licensing applications online

You can find information about licensing applications online.

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