Music tuition

Our Every Child a Musician programme provides free musical instruments and free tuition to children in Years 5 to 7 in Newham.
Children playing musical instruments in class

Every Child a Musician: how it works

Playing a musical instrument can improve your child's learning experience. Research shows that learning a new instrument can:
  • help to improve your child’s literacy, creativity and intellectual development
  • develop your child's self-confidence
  • develop your child’s concentration to help him or her learn other subjects
  • develop your child’s motivation
  • help your child to take pride in his or her musical achievement
  • enjoy music.
We provide a free 30-minute session each week and give your child a musical instrument as a gift.

Musical instruments for children in Years 5 to 7

Children can choose from eight instruments, including:
  • trumpet
  • trombone
  • clarinet
  • flute
  • guitar
  • keyboard
  • violin or viola. 
Children who continue with lessons into Year 6 can keep their instrument and use it when they move to secondary school.

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