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Parking permit document upload instructions

How to upload your documents when applying for a parking permit online through My Newham.

Uploading your document files

To upload a document to your parking permit application you should click on the browse button and selecting the file from the location on your computer where it was saved.

Saving document files on to your computer

To save files you can:
  • scan your documents using a scanner connected to your computer
  • take photos of your documents on a camera (at least 2 megapixles) which you can connect to your computer
  • take photos of your documents on a camera phone (at least 2 megapixles) so you can email your photos to your computer.
If you are having problems uploading your documents, you can use the scanners now available at all our libraries.

File size

Each document can be up to 3MB.

File types

You can send your documents as jpeg, jpg or PDF files.


Sending your documents securely

Your uploaded documents are stored and sent using encrypted technology to make sure they stay safe.

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