Newham heritage street signs and plaques

There are at least 200 streets in the borough named after people that have made a significant contribution to national life or made an impact in Newham.

Launched as part of Newham Heritage Awareness Week in October 2016, Newham Council is launching a programme that will involve replacing signs in streets or adding plaques on buildings that have significant historical links with the borough.
Councillor Ken Clark, Cabinet member for building communities, public affairs, regeneration and planning, said: “Many of our residents live in streets, unaware that they have a rich history behind their names. Sprucing up our street signs in this way will make our residents take pride not only in their shared heritage, but encourage them to look after and play an active part in their community neighbourhood.”
Road signs will feature the crest of the London Borough of Newham plus a short inscription about the people or the place behind the names.
The first batch of new signs set to be replaced include Howards Road, at the junction with Balaam Street in Plaistow. The street is named after pharmacist Luke Howard, 1772-1864, who was a scientist and has been called “the father of meteorology”. He named the three principal categories of clouds – cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. He formed the pharmaceutical company of Allen and Howard, which had a factory in Plaistow. He also lived in Chesterton House in Balaam Street.
Other signs set to be replaced include Croombs Road, Wilkinson Road, Atkinson Road, Hoskins Close and Lawson Close in Custom House, all named after people connected with speedway racing at the West Ham Stadium that stood close by.

The heritage programme is also set to include a blue plaque, for places that commemorate a link with people, or a green one, that highlight places and events of historical value.
What do you know about the street where you live? If you think the place where you live has an important historical interest that deserves a plaque, contact your local Community Neighbourhood Team and explain why. Your nomination will be considered by a heritage panel.

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