Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment consultation

Newham’s Health and Wellbeing Board have a statutory duty to publish a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) every three years, under the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013. The previous assessment​ was published in March 2015, so an updated assessment must be published by March 2018.​​​​​​​
​The PNA is a report of the current needs for pharmaceutical services, including those provided from local pharmacies, dispensaries at doctors' surgeries or specialist appliance contractors. Local pharmacies also provide health and wellbeing advice and often are the first point of contact when people are concerned about their health.

The PNA will be used by the council, NHS Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS England to identify any gaps in current services or improvements that could be made in the future provision of services. It will also be used when making decisions about any new pharmacy applications and for the commissioning of other services that could be delivered by community pharmacies and other providers.

We would like anyone who uses local pharmaceutical services to take part in this consultation. We want to ensure that you can and continue to access pharmaceutical services easily and that you are happy with the services you receive.

The formal consultation will run from Monday 27 November 2017 until Sunday 28 January 2018.
If you require a paper copy of the survey, contact Shamoly Aaron, community public health manager, by emailing or calling 020 3373 4739.

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