Resident parking permits

If you live in a residential parking zone, your first resident parking permit is free.

You may also be interested in resident visitor parking permits.


Before you start, make sure:
  • the address that you wish to get a parking permit for is registered to your My Newham account
  • you have your payment card ready (Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Maestro or Visa Electron) if you are applying for a second or additional permit.

If your application is successful it can take up to 10 working days for the permit to get to you in the post. Please make sure you leave plenty of time.

Apply for a new resident parking permit

Cost of a resident parking permit

We issue resident parking permits for one year and the charges are:
​Permits ​Cost
First resident parking permit in household ​Free
Second resident parking permit in household ​£100
Additional resident parking permits ​£200
Replacement permits ​£5

Documents you will need to apply for a full permit

You will need a scanned or photo image of the document that shows your vehicle belongs to you and is registered at the address where you will be using the permit:

Registered keepers

  • UK vehicle registration document (VSC or log book).

Non-registered keepers

  • a lease or hire agreement.

Company vehicles

  • UK vehicle registration document (VSC/logbook) or lease/hire agreement; and
  • a letter from your employer on headed paper dated within the last three months that confirms your name and address.

Temporary resident parking permit

If you have just bought a new vehicle or moved home you may be eligible for a temporary resident parking permit. If you qualify, you will be given this option when you apply through My Newham.

The permit is valid for six weeks and gives you time to get the right document(s) for a full resident parking permit. When you have the right document(s), you must send a scanned or photo image to Make sure you write your temporary parking permit number on the document(s).

You will not be able to upload the document(s) to My Newham.

Documents you need to apply for a temporary permit

If you qualify for a temporary resident parking permit, you will need to upload one of the following documents to My Newham:
If you have bought a new vehicle:
  • UK vehicle registration supplement (V5c or 2 log book)
  • sales receipt or invoice
  • certificate of motor insurance.
If you have moved home:
  • mortgage offer letter
  • completion letter from solicitors
  • tenancy agreement.
If it is not your first permit, you must also pay the full annual fee for a resident parking permit.

Renew a resident parking permit

It is your responsibility to renew your permit.

You can renew your permit up to six weeks before its expiry date. However you must allow a minimum of 10 working days for your permit to be processed, posted and arrive at your address.

If you make a late renewal, make sure you park legally until you receive your renewed permit.

If your details are the same

If you are an existing permit holder and your address and vehicle details are the same, you must renew your resident parking permit online.

If you wish to renew a second or additional permit please make sure you have your payment card ready.

If your details have changed

If your details have changed you will need to apply for a new permit.

Change of circumstances

If you have a permit, you must tell us if you change your vehicle or address.

You must also tell us if you no longer need your permit.


Parking with a resident parking permit

Sign for a permit holders only bay

This permit allows you to park your vehicle in a permit holders only bay within the resident parking zone stated on the permit.

Sign for a shared use parking bay

You can also park within a shared use bay. This is a bay where permit holders and motorists displaying a valid pay and display ticket can park.


You can only apply for a resident parking permit in the resident parking zone that you live in.


Terms and conditions

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