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Planned upgrade to our parking fines payments system Due to a planned upgrade of our payments system, it will not be possible to make payments for parking fines (PCNs) between 6.30-10pm this Wednesday 21 March 2018. We apologise for the inconvenience.​

Child maintenance arrears

If you live apart from your children, you may be responsible for paying child maintenance to the person who has the main day to day care.

Family arrangement

If you arranged this between yourselves, it is known as a family arrangement.
Get more information on child maintenance arrangements
If you are in arrears, treat this as a priority debt, aiming to pay the full weekly or monthly instalment and something towards the arrears. Use your financial statement to work out how much you can afford. 

What happens if I do not keep up with a family arrangement?

The other person can contact the CSA and ask them to make the arrangement and enforce if necessary.

Child Support Agency arrangement

If the arrangement was made by the Child Support Agency, they may have already contacted you to find out why you have not paid and to make an arrangement. If not or if you know you are going to be late making a payment, contact them as soon as possible.
It is quickest by phone, their number is on the top of their letters, or get the CSA's contact details now. 

What happens if I do not keep up with a Child Support Agency arrangement? 

After the CSA has contacted you about non-payment, you have one week to reply. After then and depending on the circumstances, the CSA may take action to collect the arrears. They could:
  • order your employer to take money from your earnings
  • arrange for deductions from certain benefits
  • take court action to enable them to, for example, send the debt to bailiffs.
Get more information on how the CSA deals with non-payment.
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