Young Mayor candidates

Young Mayor 2017 candidates and their manifestos.

Young Mayor candidates

Bradley Campbell

Harvey Saunders

Hasnain Ahmed

James Halliwell

Joelinne Wamba

Junayna Nisa

Kevin Nguyen

Miriam Okotie Tomas

Mohammed Faiz Patel

Nazia Khanam

Himani Kumar 
Usman Maqbool
Raya Haroub
Joseph Mudiandambu 

Sheila Nganga

Siobhan O'Farrell

Teyanah Peters

Tomiwa Akintunde

Young Mayor candidates' manifestos

Anum Ahmad

Little Ilford School
As Young Mayor, I will address the issue of mental health. I will work closely with the Mayor of Newham to develop initiatives aimed at raising awareness.

I will focus on reducing gang violence by educating young people about the consequences of gang related issues.

I will work to build resilience and self-confidence among young people by working closely with schools to help individuals who need support.   

I want to make young people love Newham because we are at the heart of it


Adele Smith

The Royal Docks Community School
As a Young Mayor I will reduce the interruption of learning. I will do this by helping students stay away from crime and helping them pursue to the right path in life. 

I will make all people feel welcome and comfortable in Newham, especially students who are pushed away from society.

I will bring the work and school community together to give students more experience, to help them prepare for their future.

I will help the students excel throughout their school experience to prepare them for future opportunities. I would like to give the young people in Newham a voice.


Balraj Lotay

Brampton Manor Academy
As Young Mayor, I will increase cycle safety to ensure all members of the public 
are safe while cycling on Newham roads.

I will build a relationship between young people and the elderly, by encouraging young people to give up a few hours of their time. 

I will increase public safety with more CCTV, lighting and wardens patrolling the streets. 

Young people in Newham are important as they are creating their own journeys in life. I will help support their future. 

Bradley Campbell

Chobham Academy
As Young Mayor I will encourage more young people to learn how to create a professional CV to maximise their chances of employment.

I will endeavour to encourage a healthy lifestyle to combat student stress as a serious problem.

I will introduce a range of learning methods within schools to help our young people with their learning and education. 

I want young people in Newham to have an equal chance in achieving and exceeding their targets.

Harvey Saunders

Forest Gate Community School
As Young Mayor, I will show young people the power of democracy and that their voices are not forgotten.

I will create more opportunities for paid work experience for young people aged 16-18, to help make them ready for the world of work. 

I will increase opportunities in music by collaborating with other young people outside of Newham. 

I will show young people the power of democracy and provide more musical collaboration opportunities with other young people.

Hasnain Ahmed

Langdon Academy
As Young Mayor, I will encourage more social, religious and cultural programmes to promote our democratic and British values.

I will work hard to instil pride across our communities by introducing more mentoring and build communities to oppose drugs, gangs and crimes.

I will work across the borough to ensure there are more facilities for young people to remain healthy through physical activities.

My manifesto is built on three pillars which underpins the future of our generation – more facilities for young people, more cultural programmes to promote British values and encouraging mentoring.

James Halliwell

St. Bonaventure's Sixth Form
As a Young Mayor I will refurbish and revamp sports facilities and build extra facilities such as a skate park. 

I will encourage Newham's music scene to grow. 

I will help to stop gang crime by updating youth centres. 

To improve the quality of life for Newham's youth and allow them to express themselves more.

Joelinne Wamba

NewVic Sixth Form College
As a Young Mayor I will work with young people to help increase peoples knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity. 

I will hold a large public event on cultural differences in

I will help promote culture and cohesion through projects and events.

Equality and diversity are defining values in society, I want everyone both young and old to experience and celebrate the different cultures in Newham.

Junayna Nisa

NewVic Sixth Form College
As Young Mayor I will help ensure anyone with a mental health issue has access to as much help as possible at their school / colleges and have places they can go to anonymously. 

I will create more opportunities for people to find out more about the career they want instead of having to get a job that has nothing to do with their educational field.

I will introduce half priced gym membership at leisure centres and half priced fresh produce from supermarkets to help improve the health of young adults.

My aim is to help people with their future, starting with helping with both 
physical and mental health issues and introduce opportunities for the future.


Kevin Nguyen

London Academy of Excellence
As Young Mayor of Newham, I will make sure all
residents will have better access to publishing their thoughts on the world.

I will make sure students are taught the importance and consequence of free speech, allowing creative expression in any form with responsibility.

Young people have great potential to educate themselves about the world.
It is my passion to broaden our views so that we can understand each other.

I am Kevin Nguyen, the person who will stand for your creative freedom.
I will communicate passionately so vote for me.


Mekha Periakaruppan

The Royal Docks Community School
As a Young Mayor I will seek to promote equal opportunities for young adults from all abilities, races and religions.

I will get young people involved in the community, organise events and raise awareness of gender and racial discrimination. 

I will organise social and study clubs so people can study, socialise and work together in a safe yet comfortable environment.

I am very determined to not only get across my point, but also be a voice for those who cannot be heard.

Miriam Okotie Tomas

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre
As Young Mayor I will make sure every school in Newham has access to work experience catered to their student's needs. 

I will spread the message that mental health is not a disease and raise awareness of actions we can take to change the attitudes of young people.

I will make sure that there are more youth clubs across Newham to prevent young people from staying out in the streets and committing gang crimes.

You should vote for me because I just don't listen to the voice of the youth, I put it into action. I stand for a better future for young people.

Mohammed Faiz Patel

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre
As Young Mayor, I will provide and improve access to sporting facilities for young people to improve their physical health.

I will help raise awareness for mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, which will help prevent other mental health illnesses.

I will improve communication between the youth of Newham by putting in place free Wi-Fi in many areas.

As the Young Mayor I will make a change for young people in Newham. Make the right choice and vote for me.

Nazia Khanam

Forest Gate Community School
As Young Mayor, I will create a hub that will fill the void of the lack of opportunities, experiences and knowledge that we are not easily exposed to.

Everyone copes with mental health differently, I will ensure everyone is able to confide in someone so that no one feels alone.

I will actively encourage Newham’s diversity through the celebration of talents, in ceremonies and festivals, so everyone feels valued and appreciated.

As Young Mayor I will ensure that Newham’s diversity is CELEBRATED, opportunities are EQUAL for all and help will always be AVAILABLE.

Raissa Embalo

Stratford School Academy
As a Young Mayor I will try my hardest to make sure everyone's heard and feel as if they are able to express themselves. 

I will reintroduce creativity back into Newham, as I believe it is the best way to move the borough forward.

I will try to create more projects and events in the borough to make sure people feel involved and able to express their needs and thoughts of Newham.

I believe everyone should have a voice and have freedom of speech no matter where they come from or what they believe in.

Raya Haroub

Plashet School
As a Young Mayor I will promote career fairs, that will help young people have a greater understanding of their career options.

I will strive to make Newham a place that is admired not only for its landmarks but also for its unity and the way we come together.

I will promote experiences like the National Citizens Service challenge where you work with new people and develop skills for employment.

We are the change that we seek, as Barack Obama has once said. Every promise I make will be with heart and dedication to change our society for the better.

Ridwan Hassan

Chobham Academy
As Young Mayor, I will  improve extra-curricular activities for young people within Newham schools.

I will create opportunities for larger businesses to speak to young people and provide careers guidance.

I will strive to develop social clubs to provide an alternative to anti-social behaviour.

I will support more extra curricular activities in schools, provide more visits to large businesses and positive social clubs.

Sheila Nganga

Cumberland School
As Young Mayor, I will create a charity organisation where teachers, youthworkers and Councillors can volunteer their time to help young people who need someone to talk to.

I will create a weekly programme where teenagers volunteer and spend more time to support the elderly in the community, for example grocery shopping.

I will introduce a yearly event called Newham's-Got-Talent where young people can showcase their talents and bring the community together.

People should vote for me because I represent change, hard work, kindness and I have new ideas that will bring the change I stand for.

Siobhan O'Farrell

Sarah Bonnell School
As a Young Mayor I will make it my long term goal to make Newham a safer and friendlier place, through creating a dialogue with young people who are at risk of exploitation.

I will introduce debating programmes across all secondary schools as it improves self-confidence and educates young people about societal issues.

I will strive to create strong student bodies in all schools in Newham. In doing so, it would open doors for our young people to be the advocates for change.

I believe all three of my manifesto points of making Newham safe, introducing debating programmes and creating student bodies are strong, thoughtful but most of all, realistic.

Teyanah Peters

Stratford School Academy
As a Young Mayor I will make sure that there are more facilities available to ensure all young people have someone to open up to.

I will create a community where young people can be themselves by not only improving community centres, but using other available spaces too.

I will make more social clubs available for young people as this would decrease the amount of youths on the streets.

I want everyone to say what they believe is right or wrong in Newham. I am Teyanah Peters - vote for me and I will ensure your voices will be heard.

Tomiwa Akintunde

Kingsford Community School
As Young Mayor I will make a difference  by ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

If elected, I will strive to be the best I can be. What you say will come to life.

I will develop outdoor for young children and create safe spaces for young people to either study or socialise whenever they want.

I will make Newham a better place. I promise that I will do whatever is in my power so vote for me!

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