Children's centres

Newham's Sure Start Children's Centres are year-round, one-stop shops for a wide range of support for parents, expectant parents, and younger children to help all children get a good start in life.
Children at Deanery Road Children's Centre

What we offer

Children's Centres are a great place for children under five to learn, play and meet other children. They also offer:

  • childcare for working parents
  • holiday school places for older children
  • health services
  • midwifery services (PDF)
  • family and parenting support
  • work and training support
  • support and training for childminders.


Most children centres offer the following activities:

Messy play

A chance for parents, carers and children to have lots of creative fun together and for children to learn and develop through play and activities.

Parent workshops

A variety of workshops for parents and carers to find out how to support early learning, improve sleep routines, develop new coping strategies, and get support with toilet training.

Triple P

A six-week course that gives you the chance to learn and then practise new ways to develop the relationship between you and your child.

Chatterbox sessions

Advice and ideas on how to help support your child’s speech and language development.

Healthy Eating 1-5s

Tips to get children to eat more fruit and vegetables, ideas for healthy snacks, information about the importance of iron in the diet and the best drinks to give children.

Saturday family fun

Enjoy the indoor or outdoor space of the children's centre with your child (under 8s). 

Bookstart corner

Collect a Bookstart Pack for your baby or toddler. 

Toy library

A chance for your child to develop by experimenting with toys suitable for his or her age group.

Baby club (under 2s)

A fun and relaxing session where you can meet other parents and carers and their babies and toddlers aged under 2 years.

Breastfeeding groups

Support for breastfeeding mothers.

Music Makers singing and story time

Sessions to encourage your child to enjoy books, plus rhymes and songs for everyone to enjoy together.

Baby massage (2 - 8 months)

Each week a new way to massage another part of the body is taught, followed by a repeat demonstration of previous classes.

Learn-a-way (over 2s)

A five-week course that is fun and positive way for your child to learn about the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours.


Find your local children's centre

Wherever you live in the borough you will have easy access to a children's centre and the activities they offer.

Activities vary between centres. Please contact the children's centres directly to find out what's on:
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