Councillors' allowances and expenses

We allocate allowances to the Mayor, councillors and co-opted members of committees to cover the costs of carrying out their council duties, including travel and subsistence allowances.

We set our allowances at a meeting of the full council after they have been considered by an independent remuneration panel.

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Mayor’s allowances

The Mayor of Newham is a directly elected Mayor and is entitled to an annual allowance of £81,839. The Mayor’s allowance covers all travel on council business within the borough, subsistence costs and incidental costs such as home telephone rental costs. The Mayor does not receive the basic allowance paid to councillors.

Councillors’ allowances

Basic allowance

All councillors are entitled to a basic allowance to cover all travel on council business within the borough, subsistence costs and incidental costs such as the use of their home including telephone rental costs. The current basic allowance for councillors (from 1 April 2016) is £10,842.

Special responsibility allowances

Councillors who hold certain positions, such as holding a portfolio within the executive, being the chair of a committee, or being the community lead councillor for a community forum area, are paid a special responsibility allowance (SRA) to cover their expenses in carrying out their extra duties.

Councillors are paid the SRA in addition to their basic allowance. If a councillor holds more than one position, they will be paid only one SRA, for the position which has the highest rate.
Find out more about which positions are paid SRAs in Part 6 of our Constitution

Mayoral appointments

Holders of posts appointed by the Mayor, such as cabinet members and community lead councillors, are paid an SRA according to the number of days considered necessary to be able to carry out the duties in their job profile and portfolio:
Days needed to carry out duties ​SRA £
​1 6,747
​2 ​13,494
​3 ​20,241
​4 ​26,988
5 ​33,735

Full council appointments

Councillors who hold posts appointed by the full council, such as chairs of committees, are also paid an SRA according to the different levels of responsibility attached to them:
Days needed to carry out duties
​Office held ​SRA
​Majority Group Chief Whip 13,494
​Majority Group Secretary ​3,373
​Chair of Council 6,747
​Chair of Overview and Scrutiny Committee ​26,988
​Chair of Local Development Committee 6,747
​Chair of Strategic Development Committee 20,241
​Chair of a Scrutiny Commission 13,494
​Chair of Licensing (2003 Act) Committee 20,241
​Chair of Licensing Sub-Committee (2003 Act) 20,241
​Chair of Licensing Committee (other functions) 20,241
​Chair of Investment and Accounts Committee 6,747

Outside bodies

Councillors who represent the council on outside bodies are paid an SRA in addition to any other SRA they may receive:
​External body ​SRA £
​East London Waste Authority ​1,045

Co-opted members' allowances

Some committees are required to have non councillors among their members known as co-opted members. These co-opted members are entitled to an allowance to cover out-of-pocket expenses.
​Committee/sub-committee/commission ​Annual allowance £
​Overview and Scrutiny Committee 502
​Scrutiny Commissions ​502
​Standards Advisory Committee, ordinary committee member ​808
​Standards Advisory Committee, Chair ​1,212

Additional allowances

Childcare/dependants allowance

Councillors and co-opted committee/commission members who have to pay for care of children and/or dependents while they are carrying out their council duties are paid an allowance of £8.70 per hour up to 10pm and £9.80 per hour after 10pm irrespective of the number of people cared for.

Travelling allowances

Councillors and co-opted committee/commission members who have to travel outside Newham while carrying out their duties are reimbursed the actual travel costs they incur.

Subsistence allowances 

Councillors and co-opted committee/commission members are reimbursed for the actual subsistence costs they incur while carrying out council duties outside Newham. This allowance is limited to a maximum daily rate of £29.27 for meals and a maximum overnight rate of £117.31 per day for accommodation.

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Allowances and expenses claimed

Read more about our allowance scheme in Part 6 of our Constitution
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