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Cycling - information and advice

Cycling is a quick, easy and healthy way of getting about. It can also save you money in fares, fuel and parking.​​​

Cycle path with symbol of bike

Cycling in Newham

Cycling Strategy​

The Council recognises the need to increase the levels of cycling in the borough, to help sustainably increase levels of physical activity, reduce exposure to poor air quality, and help create a more efficient transport system. 

Our Cycling Strategy sets outs the Council’s policy to support cycling and presents a plan of action to deliver greater numbers of cycling trips in Newham, with a target of 5% of trips across the Borough being made by bike by 2025.

Cycle routes

The Greenway

The Greenway offers an excellent off-road cycling route from the Royal Docks Road in Beckton through Plaistow, West Ham, and Stratford to Wick Lane in Bow where you can get to more routes through Tower Hamlets and Hackney.
We are working with Transport for London to make improvements to the Greenway under the Quietways Programme.

Closure between Marshgate Lane and Stratford High Street

Since 2009 (with the exception of access to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2012 for the games) the section of the Greenway between Marshgate Lane and Stratford High Street has been closed for works to accommodate Crossrail.
Thames Water Utilities (who operate the Northern Outfall Sewer that the Greenway is situated on) will also be reconstructing the bridge over the Waterworks River, currently expected to complete in 2019.
The Council continue to liaise with Thames Water and other partners to ensure this section will re-open as soon as possible.
Whilst the closure is in place, pedestrians and cyclists using the Greenway, including those following the Capital Ring and Jubilee Greenway routes, are advised to use a diversion via Stratford High Street and Marshgate Lane.

Cycle Superhighway 2 (CS2) - Stratford to Aldgate

CS2 runs on a mixture of segregated and unsegregated cycle lanes and shared roads from Broadway in Stratford to Aldgate in the City of London.

Cycle Superhighway 3 (CS3) – Barking to East India Dock Road

CS3 offers signed cycle lanes which are away from the road, from River Road in Barking to East India Dock Road in Tower Hamlets before heading on to Tower Gateway in the City of London using both off and on-road cycle paths.

Lea Valley

There are many miles of off-road towpaths to explore along the Lea Valley that runs through Newham along National Cycle Network Route 1

Cycle maps

You can order free cycle maps of London from Transport for London. You will need to get guides 4, 5, and 7 to cover the whole of Newham.

Bikes on public transport

Folding bikes

You can take folding bicycles on all London Underground, London Overground, and Dockland Light Railway services at any time.

All other bikes

Certain restrictions apply to non-folding bicycles. You can find out more about taking your bike on public transport from Transport for London.

National rail

You can take your bike, free of charge on:

Safety advice for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians 

    Advice for cyclists

  • Wear bright clothing in the day and reflective clothing or accessories at night so other road users can see you
  • Use lights after dark, white at the front and red at the back. You should also use a red rear reflector
  • Wear a helmet
  • Regularly maintain your cycle and make sure it is road worthy
  • Have cycle training - we run cycle training for both children and adults
  • Be aware of the driver’s blind spot when you pass lorries or buses
  • Use hand signals when you make left and right turns
  • Wait in front of other drivers at traffic lights, if there are advanced stop lines for cyclists in place.
  • Do not cycle on the pavement unless signs allow you to do so
  • Do not use headphones or a mobile phone when you cycle

Advice for drivers

  • Give plenty of space to cyclists, particularly when overtaking
  • Continually check your mirrors for cyclists
  • When you turn, allow cyclists to pass ahead
  • Don’t drive aggressively, particularly around cyclists
  • Always take note of the speed limit and traffic signs - they are there for a reason
  • Take special care at junctions and at crossing points
  • Don’t park in cycle lanes
  • Don’t park at junctions as this can block sightlines for both cyclists and pedestrians
  • Check in your mirror for cyclists before you open your car door

Advice for pedestrians

  • Wear bright, coloured or reflective clothing - particularly when it is dark
  • Always find a safe place to cross the road
  • Always stop look and listen before you cross the road
  • Never cross on bends or where you cannot see around the corner
  • Do not use headphones or a mobile phone when you cross the road

Cycle training

We offer free cycle sessions for everyone - whether you want to learn to ride a bike or just improve your skills on the road. 
All our cycle skills sessions are free of charge and follows the three levels of the national standard, known as Bikeability.

Children’s cycle training

We give cycle training to children at their schools.

Adult and family cycle skills

We run training sessions for complete beginners and more experienced cyclists every Saturday.
We book adult and family cycle sessions on a first-come-first-served basis. You can join a group or one-to-one session, or you can book a session for your family to learn together.
If you would like a free cycle skills session, email


All our instructors are fully qualified and you can ask for a male or female instructor.

Borrowing a bike 

If you don’t own a bike, you may be able to borrow one from us when you come for your training. You should ask about borrowing a bike when you book your training.

Locking your bike in Newham

We are introducing new cycle parking facilities across the borough so you will have somewhere to lock your bike at:
  • railway and DLR stations
  • shopping centres
  • other popular sites in Newham.

If you have any suggestions for new on-street, residential or station locations for cycling parking, email

Find out more information about bike security from the Met police.
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