Event day parking

When events are held at the Olympic Stadium, we operate an event day parking zone in the surrounding area to reduce the disruption to local residents and businesses.​​​​​​​

Event day parking zone

An event day parking zone operates in the area around the former Olympic Stadium. We set up up the zone to make sure residents and businesses have priority for parking in the local area.

On event days, controlled parking hours are extended to 8am to 9pm. During this time only permit holders can park in the following five residential parking zones (RPZ):

Parking in an event day parking zone

We advertise the date of the next event day on signs
at the entrance to each of the RPZs. You can also find a list of upcoming event days on this page.

If an event takes place on a day when an RPZ does not usually operate, event day parking restrictions still apply between 8am and 9pm.
On event days we encourage visitors to use public transport to travel to Stratford. However if you do need to park in the area you can use the Stratford multi-storey car park.

West Ham United Fixtures 2018/19

Please note, these fixtures are subject to change:
  • Saturday 18 August - Bournemouth
  • Saturday 01 September - Wolves
  • Sunday 23 September - Chelsea
  • Wednesday 26 September - Macclesfield Town (Football League Cup)
  • Saturday 29 September - Man United
  • Saturday 20 October - Tottenham
  • Wednesday 31 October - Tottenham (Football League Cup)
  • Saturday 03 November - Burnley
  • Saturday 24 November - Man City
  • Tuesday 04 December - Cardiff City
  • Saturday 08 December - Crystal Palace
  • Saturday 22 December - Watford
  • Wednesday 02 January - Brighton
  • Saturday 05 January - Birmingham (FA Cup)
  • Saturday 12 January - Arsenal
  • Monday 04 February - Liverpool
  • Friday 22 February - Fulham 
  • Saturday 02 March - Newcastle
  • Saturday 16 March - Huddersfield
  • Saturday 30 March - Everton
  • Saturday 20 April - Leicester City 
  • Saturday 04 May - Southampton

Baseball 2019

  • Saturday 29 June - Boston Red Sox V New York Yankees
  • Sunday 30 June - Boston Red Sox V New York Yankees​

​​Concerts 2019

  • ​Saturday 1 June - Muse
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