Help us to keep Newham clean and tidy by correctly disposing of waste and telling us about dumped rubbish.
Fly-tipping is a crime

Dumping waste is a crime

Dumping rubbish or bulky items is a criminal offence known as fly-tipping and you can be issued a £400 fixed penalty notice on the spot.

Newham Council will seek to prosecute offenders. At court you can receive an unlimited fine or up to five years’ imprisonment.


Bulky waste collections 

Newham Council offers a collection service for large household items. You can book a collection for up to six items such as sofas, beds, fridges, carpets, chairs and televisions. It costs £20 to have your items collected from right outside your home.

Please put your bulky waste out only after it has been booked for collection and you have a reference number or you could receive a £100 fixed penalty notice.

Book a bulky waste collection


Make sure your rubbish is not fly-tipped

If you use a clearance company to get rid of your rubbish, check they are a registered waste carrier.

If the company illegally fly-tips your rubbish, you could be held responsible and prosecuted.


Report fly-tipping

You can report fly-tipping online through My Newham.

Before you start

We will ask you:
  • where the rubbish has been dumped
  • what rubbish has been dumped
  • if you have any other details that could help us, such as a vehicle registration or the name of the fly-tipper. 

If you catch a fly-tipper in action and are able to safely take a photo or video of them, their vehicle, or both without putting yourself in danger, tell us in your report. We may be able to use it to prosecute them.

Report it

You don't have to give your details, but if you use your My Newham account to tell us about the problem, you will be able to track our progress.


If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can also report fly-tipping when you see it using our Love Newham app.

What happens next

We aim to clear fly-tips on publicly owned roads and paths within 24 hours. Sometimes there can be a delay while we run checks to find out who owns the land.

We are not responsible for clearing fly-tips on private land.

If there is evidence or a witness for a case of fly-tipping on either public or private land, we can investigate and prosecute all offenders caught.

Fly-tipping on private land

It is the responsibility of the land owner(s) to clear fly-tipping on private land.

We can help to clear the rubbish, but we charge for this service.
If you are a landowner, you must make sure that the area is as secure as possible.
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