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We have been working with families to identify improvements that need to be made to the Newham local offer.
An updated and improved local offer will be available later in spring 2019. We will involve parents and young people at every stage of review and development.

Feedback from families and our plans to respond

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"I am concerned that in your Local Offer no mention is made of either ABA or EIBI as potential options for children with ASD, nor is there any reference to the basis/criteria on which any such provision would be made. Both ABA and EIBI are highly effective approaches when addressing the difficulties that ASD can present. Moreover, I am aware of children with ASD within the area of the Local Authority who actually receive these therapies, either privately funded or with some state funding."
ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Statement

ABA is a technique or intervention that has been developed from a branch of science called behaviour analysis. Different interventions and support have been developed to help autistic people manage their condition and help them reach their full potential.

There is often not a clear agreement or a shared understanding about the effectiveness of some therapies and it can be difficult to make decisions about which approach is right for each person. We believe that young people and parents / carers should have access to a range of information and choice about evidence based interventions and support for themselves or their children.

Find out more about therapies and interventions including ABA​


Help us develop the Local Offer

Our work on the Local Offer will continue. We will be holding regular drop-ins and talking to parent forums and groups of young people to find out your views on the Local Offer. If you want to get involved, email us:
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