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Licences - scrap-metal dealers

If you wish to run a scrap-metal or motor salvage business you must have a licence. We are the licensing authority in Newham.

Types of licence for scrap-metal dealers

There are two types of licence:
  • site licence
  • collectors licence.

Site licence

This licence allows you to transport scrap metal or motor salvage to and from your sites from any local authority area.
For this licence you will need to
  • tell us about all the sites in Newham you use for your business.
  • name a manager for each site.

Collectors licence

This licence allows you to collect scrap metal or to salvage vehicles in Newham.
The licence does not allow you to collect in other local authority areas; you will need a separate licence for each local authority area.
The licence does not allow you to run a site either. So, if you wish to run a site you need a site licence.
Note: You can only have one type of licence in one local authority area. You will need to decide whether you want a site or collectors licence in Newham.

Applying for scrap-metal licences

A scrap-metal licence lasts for three years and can be renewed.
Application for a scrap-metal licenceFill in the form and send it with the correct fee to:

London Borough of Newham
Grassroots Centre 
66 Memorial Avenue
London E15 3DB

Or call us on 020 8430 2000 or email


Site licence: £687
Collectors licence: £357

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