Moving from a statement to an education, health and care plan

If your child has a statement of SEN or a Learning Disability Assessment, he or she will be moved across to an Education, Health and Care Plan by the end of 2017.

To do this we will need to assess your child’s needs. This is called a transfer review.

When will the transfer reviews take place?

Children and young people will transfer to the EHC Plan gradually.

By July 2015 we had held transfer reviews with 20% of children and young people.

Moving forward we aim to hold transfer reviews with:
  • 60% of children and young people by July 2016
  • all children and young people by March 2017.
Children and young people who are moving school or starting a new phase of education, such as starting primary or secondary school, will be moved first.

Your child’s transfer review

If your child has a statement of SEN we will write to you when it is your child’s turn to have a transfer review. We will give you at least two week’s notice.
If your child has a learning disability assessment, you will need to ask us for a transfer review.

What happens at the transfer review?

We will assess your child to see if they need an EHC Plan. You can find out more on our Assessment for an education, health and care plan page.
If your child is still at school we may go to your child’s regular review meeting with the school.
We will talk about:
  • your child’s progress
  • what your child wants to achieve
  • the support your child needs to get there.
This will help us to bring together the information we need for your child’s needs assessment, and if needed, the EHC Plan.
If your child does not need an EHC Plan we will tell you as soon as possible after the transfer review.
If your child needs an EHC Plan, the plan will be written within 14 weeks of the review. The plan may take longer over the summer holiday period when schools and colleges are closed.
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