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Our Performance

Find out how we are working hard to provide the best services for you.

​Corporate Plan

This Plan sets out what the Council will do in 2019/20 to achieve the Mayor’s vision for Newham. It is the first time in many years that the Council has published a Corporate Plan. The Plan reflects the pledges ​set out in the Mayor’s Manifesto, and shows how those pledges will be taken forward in 2019/20.

Performance Management Framework

This Performance Management Framework (PMF) has been designed to ensure that the Council’s vision and priorities are translated into clear plans and measurable outcomes which are appropriately monitored and delivered by officers and elected members.
  • clearly articulate our priorities and desired outcomes
  • prioritise what gets done within the resources available
  • provide and demonstrate value for money
  • provide good services and satisfaction for users and the local community
  • improve performance
  • motivate and manage our staff

Performance Measures and Corporate Plan Actions

We also have a set of key strategic Performance Measures to help us to monitor our progress against Council priorities. Performance against these indicators is measured on a monthly basis (where possible) with progress considered by the Corporate Management Team and Cabinet on a quarterly basis.

Our Corporate Plan has set priorities and objectives with high level actions which are monitored every quarter to track progress.

Quarter 1 2019/20Performance Measures Quarter 1 2019/20 (PDF)​

Corporate Performance Actions Quarter 1 2019/20​​ (PDF)
Quarter 2 2019/20

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